Candidate Essay: Janice Gale Dahmen

Chairperson Candidate: Janice Gale Dahmen

Ahneen (hello) my name is Janice Gale Dahmen, I am running for the honor of being Chairwoman, of the Leech Lake Reservation for 2020. I am the parent of his,mine and our kids all together 9 children, a blended family, I have been a single parent, and married etc…no family is perfect and I can honestly say that mine is what it is. All my kids that I have raised have gone off to college, finished highschool and 4 are left to graduate. With that point said, I support education, I support single parents men or women, and know the struggles that we face as parents, elders, band members and our children mostly.

I see that our council works together and struggles together and often wonder about is it getting better or is it worse with sides and decision making on what every politician says when they campaign. Are you just a vote at election time .does your vote count and are they open with policies and procedures, can you go talk to them? Does your concerns for the reservation get to be heard and opinions voiced without reprimand.

Little history from myself, I am Bert and Lillian Gale’s grand daughter, Ronald Gale (Sugar Point) is my father, Della Ann Gale Robinson(Ball Club) is my mother, Marilyne Bowstring (step-mother). I lived in Alaska and Green Bay for 12 years, I am a graduate of the Leech Lake Tribal College, Business Degree, I have worked many jobs throughout my entire life, learned many skills and developed business relationships with the Day Labor program, where yes I was terminated, and left before they walked me out, and know what it is to be hired/fired and trusted to run a large program for the reservation and to well watch all hard work as a team, slowly go away with no jobs at mill in town in Cass Lake, making actually regenerating monies for the program itself and put back into the program.

Years ago, I campaigned on why we couldn’t start our own recycle center, at each district, picking up garbage for the US Army Core of engineers, at all parks that surround our waters, mowing contracts 8 a certifications and developing jobs for our band members through this program. Making it into what is was intended for a hand- up not a hand- out, now i am a handicapped disabled person with one leg due to diabetes, hospital care, and i hate asking them to come shovel or mow only when i really need it, and I ask for their help when i need it, and appreciate it. They all work hard and I support this program! I like the way everyone is taking initiative with our children and developing their own activities into their own communities by utilizing our community centers, and creating ways to outreach to our youth but we can do more, by developing handicapped accessible playgrounds possible for kids, more programs to outreach the outer centers where boys and girls clubs are not available to parents and our own youth division gets no blame, and are not babysitters, we need parent involvement yes, and I know I would like to see us in future develop Recycle Centers and Regenerate monies from just the garbage from our homes and our casinos to create jobs for our band members as well and take care of our land, Elders and Youth Divisions with helping our own two programs as well as communities with these monies from them. Why not?

We face many issues yes and I want to visit everyone but know it is impossible…so I am doing the videos on issues friend request me on facebook or messenger, I also want to hear about how are we handling our extinction of USAs Native Americans and wonder how as a nation are we going to handle this? I may sound crazy but why are we the only nationality that has to prove this to have our children have health care and education for the rest of their lives, for their native blood ¼ indian, I mean shouldn’t our last name be kept good enough and isn’t that why other nationalities use their “family Tree’s?” why can’t the MCT keep track of that? And our band members, our children wouldn’t have to worry about becoming extinct…why do we natives have to prove this, I wrote a paper in college for Elaine fleming on this and it angered me, there was a quote in it from Patrick Limerick, that we would extinct ourselves, I do not want this to happen to us, it also angers me why the society can sell fish in a store or a restaurant and then the government gets mad when us natives exercise our rights and set a net and try to give it away or make a buck we should they do. As much money as we spend at Walmart I hope they let us sell our wild rice and our fish to them too IN THEIR STORES, AND GIVE OUR CHILDREN LOTS OF SCHOLARSHIPS!!!

Get my point? Also our Native Crafts our casinos should be buying our own beaded earrings hand crafts etc,,you get what I mean and support our people as well as our people men and women in prisons,jails, etc, artists writers, and I am last but least in support of our cannabis (420)and legalizing it what will we do to help our reservation prosper?

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Janice Gale Dahmen
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