Candidate Essay: Janice Gale Dahmen

District II Representative Candidate: Janice Gale Dahmen

How has our time become valued in direct correlation with the physical materialistic items we desire. How does somebody value our time for us and place a monetary value on it? When did the natural resources of this Earth become valued in paper?

My name is Janice Gale Dahmen and I’m running for District 2 Representative. I was born raised have moved to Alaska but now reside in the Federal Dam area. I have 9 of the best kids ever and they all have the best parents in whole world, me,Scott and Izzy Dahmen, they all have had to go through our struggles in life but guess what we all did a dam good job, we have had ups and downs and they all love each other and will be together as a family no matter what …..tough love and issues we faced and what they went through drugs alcohol the things nobody wants to know admit, but I’m honest and I will not bash nobody and nobody should judge anyone. Life is… what you make it, what you want it to be and we made mistakes can’t change but we all have kids who graduated and from college, and raised by family that is why I am the backbone of ours…my sisters were and now they passed on I have to step up and teach them, all of us together (Scott ,me and Izzy) I am still learning and I been sick with pre colon cancer and diabetes. So I have to say this, I know how it goes it’s at election time and I make nobody campaign promises but one to all of you ..I am a hard worker, business oriented have my degree and I have talent, I am a ambitious woman who is smart beautiful and can take anything or challenges. I can make it happen or I can show you how it is done and I promise I work out for my heart and people. I empower them and I am a woman with a voice for you.

The first point I would like to make is about our own government systems. There is a lot of unaccounted systematic approaches that we take. Many funds that we have available to our members for developing business is lost. We do not account for it all of the lost that we take as we handle large loans to members who are of a select few. We should be distributing this even to our small business loan request so that each member has the ability and the opportunity to expand their own private businesses so that we can create a stronger economic structure on a reservation.

I want to take the traditions that were taught to me by my family and my grandmother, and to be able to pass them down to the next generation to come, I believe our traditions and our language and teachings from our culture and heritage is of utmost importance to be taught and learned and passed on to our children. We need to invest time and look out for our next generations to come. I have learned from birchbark basket making from Grandma Lillian, and how she raised my dad and Aunty’s and uncle’s how strong she was and teaching us kids how to jump in the kettle and parch wild rice with a new pair socks in the back of my aunty Stella’s. She always talked to us kids in Ojibwe and teaching the old ways to us, skills to hang on to and the tools we needed. We cannot have the technology and new ways of life (internet and technology) that may make our lives easier and accessible, but not make our children be physically active and communicate with us. With this I mean we need to have more opportunities for them with starting our own mentoring programs, our own camps for kids to go to and develop a place for them to unite with our elders to learn the “old ways and language and traditions” from our elders and our band members who have so much knowledge and heart’s desire to give.

I want to see our council work together on utilizing the community centers with more opportunity for these centers and build our youth a camp. Develop a camp for families to unite and learn together these traditions and to be focused on our epidemic of Diabetes, heart disease, Cancer, etc. These diseases have hurt our generations of people for many years and our children always seem to be forgotten. I look forward to seeing what we can do for them, with building a place with a swimming pool and exercise center for our elders and our youth, but think centrally located for all to come together central so everyone can utilize it maybe in bena. There are struggles with the alcohol, drugs, gambling, taking children away from parents, and as a result we need to go back to working together as a family a tribe for, by listening to one another and looking for the old ways to survive. I am running to be a leader to make a difference between enrollment issues to empowering our people… women and men with encouragement and create new opportunity, by listening to all of our band members how we can do this.

We in our communities have expressed interest and questions to why haven’t the casinos bought our earrings, birch bark, native crafts and sell them again there. What is to be done to the World of Christmas building, are there plans for it and our tourism. Generation of revenue for our band members to sell their crafts to our tribes and other tribes.

We have a need for a Boy Lake Center or larger one somewhere, I am just saying it would be a goal of mine and to have better water, help our elders with more services than we have by taking care of them in ways such as making things a little easier, I am not forgetting Duluth and Minneapolis offices and people either, I know we need lots more but my next question is why do we not open a recycle center for regenerating the garbage from the casinos and our reservation housing to encourage jobs, keeping environment clean etc. REGENERATE MONEY!!.

I have been trying to reach everyone and visit with you all and if I don’t I will try to. I am a positive person and a hard worker, I have no reason to be negative and I promise to listen to all of you and be a voice for you and most of all I care for you. We need many things and I know the struggles of our families and kids need to be focused to have more……by jobs and summer programs and even a camp for our elders to teach them, from diabetes to language, build our own camps, we have so much talent and people who want to teach our young generation our old ways of life. We need daycare in District 2, and others, that is affordable. Our community suffered loss and I lost a lot of family, my two sisters and uncle, community members but we stuck together as a family and stayed strong, that is me and I have a good heart and I am a hard worker, community member who will work hard for all of us. We need to have change, by giving someone else, younger generation a chance to make a difference for our communities I am that woman who will be working hard to be your voice and listen and I am the backbone of my own little family, and you all know that I am a hard worker, Mother who knows the struggles we face today, this is the “only promise” I will make to all of you, I need you to support me and I look forward to your vote June 12th, 2018…

218 5371713
12949 HWY Cty Rd 8
Federal Dam MN. 56641