CANDIDATE ESSAY: Ronald “Ron” Hare

District III Committeeperson Candidate: Ronald “Ron” Hare

Hello. My name is Ron Hare. Thank you for the opportunity to represent you as your new District III Representative in 2020. I am an enrolled member of the Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe. I have 35+ years sobriety. I have been drug free my whole life. Since moving back to our Reservation in 1990 I have acquired experience and knowledge working with many divisions and programs. And have had the opportunity to become acquainted with and am on a first name basis with a lot of you, and employees of the Leech Lake Reservation programs.

I am not going to campaign and make promises that I cannot keep. Myself as one person does not have the power or authority to do this. Myself and other RTC members need to work toward making your needs and wishes become a reality. Progress needs to be made and many accomplishments can be ours with input from our LIC’s and community members young and old. It is my intention to work with you, the other RTC members and every program and division on our Reservation. As we are all aware, we have made a lot of progress in the past few years. We can accomplish many more things by working together.

If I am to have a successful run as our next District III Representative I will need your vote. I will always have an open door policy while I am in office. I will listen, and hear your wishes and suggestions. I want to work with you in resolving the need for housing. I will also work with you in accomplishing the construction of an Addictions and Dependency TX Program right here on our Reservation. I realize that these are just two of the needs of our people.

Thank you for your vote and the opportunity to represent you in 2020 and forward.