CANDIDATE ESSAY: Stephen “Steven” Howard

Chairperson Candidate: Stephen “Steven” Howard

For far too long Leech Lake has suffered, far too long have we waited to be treated fairly, that ends in 2020, stand up and be recognized.

The Biggest difference between myself and the other candidates is I’m willing to cross that line.

We have various tax agreements with the State, each one is based on a formula designed to give the state a majority of tax revenue.

We were in the process of renegotiating these agreements when I was fired. Here we are four years later in trouble for over billing and our current administration will fold fearing retaliation from the State. We will never get anywhere until we can be recognized.

For 6-years I represented the Leech Lake Band as Executive Director and I was always available to listen to members, I will continue this because everyone needs a voice in our government.

We need a New approach for the Tribal Council, someone that has fought with the State, with tough negotiation skills.

Ask yourselves have we succeeded as a nation have we progressed in the last four years.
Some say my approach is too radical, only with radical ideas can we ever hope to accomplish our goals.

I am sorry but talking about things and creating MOU’s has never resolved anything, we need to take back our sovereignty. I also support legalization.

I humbly ask for your support, Vote Steven Howard Leech Lake Chairman March 31st 2020.