Candidate Essay: Delmar Jones III

District III Candidate: Delmar Jones III

Our next District Ill Representative, Delmar Jones Ill has blazed a trail during his campaign with his Political Reform Platform. Delmar has changed the political environment with his series of Campaign Videos, Live Q&A Sessions, Direct Communication style and his fearless speaking truth to power. Delmar has not only promised real change, but is offering all of Leech Lake Liberation from our obsolete, repressive system of corrupted government.

Delmar has Promised:

  • A $1 per hour Wage Increase for all Leech Lake Band Employees.
  • To Revise Leech Lake Band and Leech Lake Gaming Policies to protect our Employees.
  • Remove Wage and Salary Caps for our Long-Term Employees.
  • Help create an Oversight Committee to hold the Tribal Council accountable.
  • Introduce Tribal Council Term Limits on holding elected Office.
  • Forever removing At-Will Employment from Leech Lake.

Delmar’s Platform is not the usual political promises we hear every election cycle. Delmar does not begin every statement with an Ojibwe sentence to purely pander to the Traditional Element of our population. Delmar rejecting using those focus group approved, mass appeal key words, those empty promises designed to gain a fake emotional attachment with people only to get their vote has awoken thousands to the tricks and deceptions of politicians. Delmar has broken the mold with his intensive honest campaigning that immediately benefits all of Leech Lake and our surrounding Communities.

Delmar is not a politician, he is a working class stiff just like everyone else. Delmar is widely known for calling out mistreatment, fighting oppression, using his powerful voice to demand more and better treatment for all of us. Delmar is fearless in the face of threat and Delmar does not stop fighting for us. Delmar has proven his dedication to our Employees, he has shown his true colors fighting for our rights and he is risking everything to make Leech Lake a better place to work, live and raise our families. This is true leadership in action, a true man of the people.

Delmar is not only addressing this unholy tradition of abuse by the Tribal Council, he is dedicating half of his efforts to showing our Employees the appreciation and respect they so rightly deserve. The promises made by Delmar are actionable, impactful and achievable. These promises are not the generic promises other candidates are offering, Delmar has created a platform of real change. Imagine waking up after an election and not worrying about your job. Imagine being able to stand up and question our Tribal Council without fear. Imagine making more money and how that will help you, your family, our communities and our future generations. Imagine having a Tribal Council that is monitored, evaluated and assigned tasks that work to better Leech Lake.

We can end this cycle of terror. This unholy tradition we accept as normal but, is anything but normal. We can change our system, we can change ourselves, together we can make our lives better. We have this power, the power comes from the people and we are the people. We are tired of our leaders lying, wasting money, firing our families, giving themselves pay raises while, the rest of us suffer. We are unhappy with our elected officials abusing us and abusing our system. It is time, we stand as one and make these changes.

“Del, has captured the hearts of our employees. They see how much he cares and how hard he fights for them.” – Senior Leech Lake Gaming Manager

”The Big Guy is a bulldog, when he sets his mind to something he doesn’t stop until he wins. We’re lucky, he is a protector and not a predator.” – Former Leech Lake Secretary Treasurer

“He is not afraid of the RTC, he will call them out on their****. That is why, they try rip him down” – Leech Lake Elder from Onigum

“No, he fixed that stupid policy. He got us our meals at work back. I’ll always support him.” – Leech Lake Gaming Employee

“He changed the game, everyone was writing long announcements talking about everything. He popped up calling that out and told it like it is. His campaign is focused, it’s good. It aims to fix the real problems everyone else is scared to talk about.” – Current Candidate for Chairperson

“I’ve known him his whole life, he has a good sense of humor, but don’t let that fool you. He Is smart and uses his humor to get things done. You don’t suspect it, he makes you laugh and then think.” – Former Supervisor of Delmar

“I don’t worry about him getting a big head when, he gets in. He is humble and honest. He helps everyone he can. A lot of people depend on him and trust him with their lives. I do.” – Northern lights Casino Employee

Delmar is the person, Leech Lake needs right now. Delmar brings with him honor, honesty and can liberate us from this broken system. Delmar offers change, leadership and gives people the power to make their voices heard. It is a new era, a new world, we need fresh ideas, new approaches, we need one of us, to give us the ability to make the choices that effects all of us. Leech Lake Supports Delmar Jones Ill for District Ill Representative.

All of this can start when you vote Delmar Jones Ill – 03 4 03 on April 2nd, 2024.

Committee to Elect –

Delmar Jones Ill

Leech Lake District Ill Rep.