Candidate Essay: Herschel J. Ogema SR

District III Candidate: Herschel J. Ogema SR

Aaniin family and friends,

I, Herschel J. Ogema SR. will be a candidate for the Office of District 3 Representative.

I look forward to representing all District 3 Leech Lake Enrollees.


I have lived and worked on our Rez for the past 30 plus years; line cook at the old Palace Casino Youth Worker YCDPP Program-Blackjack dealer/Supervisor, Palace Casino-Custodian at Facility Center-Home School Advocate/Boys Basketball coach-Bus driver, Bug O Nay Ge Shig School-Home School Advocate/Bus Driver/Girls Basketball coach-Driver for Transportation Department-Activities Director, Men’s Halfway House-Program Manager for Sports and Recreation Department-Presently I’m Dispatch/Supervisor for Leech Lake Transportation-

3 plus years as Councilman for the City of Cass Lake.

5 plus years to present as Mayor for the City of Cass Lake.

3 years as board member for Housing and Redevelopment Authority

2 plus years as Vice-President for Housing and Redevelopment Authority.


Kept taxes down-low crime rate-got us through Covid-infrastructure-Habitat for Humanity is building 5 houses-Three businesses in town this year-Gymnastics, Laundry/Apartments-Car wash Cass Lake Days celebration was a success and looking forward to this summer’s event in July. Auditor said the City is doing well.


Housing shortage-Homelessness-Alcohol/Drug Prevention-Establish a Training Center-Attract future businesses-Fiscal responsibility-Have a Open Door Policy that truly works-Pro-active with our Elders-Quarterly meetings with our schools-Continue our Partnership with the City of Cass Lake.


Dad-Grandpa-Great Grandpa-Cancer Survivor-U.S. Army Veteran-Carol Muller, better half for 23 years-Cass Lake resident for 23 years-Athletics-enjoy reading and crossword puzzles.

A Woman’s body is hers and hers only.

Common sense will take you where education cannot.

Sovereignty is our innate right.


218-308-4912 to schedule a home visit or ask questions.

A forum to include Chilli/Frybread scheduled sometime soon TBA.