Candidate Essay: John Johnson

District III Candidate: John Johnson

Asking for Support

John Johnson

District #3 team member

To all Leech Lake Band Members,

I am writing this letter to humbly ask for your support for my campaign. I, John Johnson, am seeking candidacy for the position of District 3 Representative. I firmly believe that with your help, I can be an effective leader and bring about necessary change in our community.

I want to assure you that I am committed to representing the interests of all the residents of our beloved tribal nation. By supporting me, you are investing in a future of progress, heritable structures, and transparent governance. Each vote and each ounce of support counts significantly in achieving our collective goal of better governance. Please let us join hands for the welfare and progress of our Tribal Nation.

I have been working in Property Management for Eight years and while in property it has had great success in gaining control of our assets with the creation of my (Resolution #2018-023) fixed asset and equipment policy, and shipping and receiving. The tribal resolution fixed asset policy and standard operation procedure has brought more accountability to our government. This resolution was accepted in office of Self Governance to compliant with requirements outlined in 2CFR 2001.313. (Federal codes for grants and agreements). Property has started inventorying incoming orders for and accounting that all orders are received and processed in to the system as being received and then the orders get delivered by property management. Shipping has been successful in keeping track of orders and inventorying orders and scan in to system as received and accounted and is delivered to correct departments and programs. Shipping and receiving has been in operation since July 1, 2021, since the pandemic has happened and needed for control of outburst of Corvid.

I had maintained property during and after the pandemic and had worked with logistics within the incident management team that kept the Leech Lake Band operating during the pandemic in which property has had to change on various times to keep a smooth process with limited out reach.

I have taken part with our nation during pandemic times and while we were quite busy during the day time I had also found time to work in the Bug School board as Vice chair and had to make serious decision to keep our children protected and safe for our Tribal Nation. We had to make constant changes and had to make last minutes decisions while on the school board. We had great success during the pandemic. I feel we need more success stories from our gaming/businesses with proper working documents and upkeep of future market and financial projections.

Migwetch for your support