Candidate Essay: Julian Molash

District III Candidate: Julian Molash

Boozhoo,my name is Julian Molash
I am asking for your vote for the third district. I have lived in Cass lake with my wife Beverly since 1995. We have two beautiful daughters and three grandchildren. I work for the Leech lake Health division as clinic support and driver for the Amish food program,I am a member of the Leech Lake Honor Guard and Natural Resource Advisory Committee.
I would be greatly honored to be your next representative.
What i would like to see is change to things we all need to know about, we have so much potential here as a sovereign nation right in the middle of others,
We can control our own destiny with constitution reform and economic development,
We have the natural resources, what we need is more control over them, for example, the Forest service is planning to cut over 17,000 acres, that’s a lot of money and resources, where does that go? WE get 5%, Leech lake fisheries take our fish spawn every year with help from the state of Mn. We get back 10%. It’s our’s we should get 95%,
The DNR tells us what we can hunt, who controls non Leech lakers hunting and fishing on the Leech lake reservation? Did you know that we can charge non Leech lakers to hunt and fish on the reservation? we don’t, I want to make changes how things work
We can use that money for Development of many programs,
The Agriculture farms Dept.
Solar panel farms,
More affordable housing,
More help for our Elders so they don’t have to pay so much Rent, More help for our children going to school

The way to make change is to listen to the people, To make a difference we need to give the people the chance with referendum votes,
What we don’t need is more promises that never happen,

My name is Julian Molash, i want your vote to help me make the changes, Together we can do it
[email protected] cell 218-760-3869 call me anytime