Candidate Essay: Thomas Brown

District III Candidate: Thomas Brown

Aaniin Boozhoo,

My name is Thomas Brown,

Ronnie Brown was my father, and my family are from Bena, Minnesota. My great grandfather was Bijah Chase, my direct relatives are Chase and Wilson. My family would say if your last name was a color than we are related and we would all laugh because we have a lot of family.

I am running for District 3 Representative. I am not a politician and I plan to be working hands on, with boots on the ground to work closely with our community on the issues plaguing our reservation. From the social issues to economical, including homelessness and the addictions that are killing our people. We need to secure a future for our younger generations and take better care of our elders.

I will not make any campaign promises to any individuals, but I do promise to work hard for our community as a whole, as one Tribal Nation. I feel it is also important to create a stronger working relationship with the other council members, local LICs, and all community members. It will take everyone’s cooperation to move forward; this is a critical time for our reservation and a time for change; no one person can do these things alone.

I am up for this challenge.


Tommy Brown.