Candidate Essay: Donald “Mick” Finn

District III Candidate: Donald “Mick” Finn

Boozhoo Leech Lakers:

My name is Donald “Mick” Finn and I am seeking another term as your District III Representative. My experience working for Leech Lake has been District III Representative from 2004-2008 and Secretary/Treasurer from 2011-2014. I tried to run in 2018 but ran into political stops both at the local level and MCT level; I won’t elaborate in my platform intro as keeping a positive approach is important now that Leech Lake is moving forward.

While in my previous Tribal Council positions, I was involved in many positive, key endeavors for all of Leech Lake. Endeavors that included: Setting up the minor trust fund accounts, upholding ICWA issues in the best interest of our LL families, supporting increased Rule 25 services and treatment assistance (including helping graduates with jobs and housing), supporting hunting and fishing rights, purchasing land for the future of our tribe, protecting our rights to keep our hospital and dentist when BIA tried to close it, increasing fees on lake shore leases to non-Indians per year from the previous 10-year leases that were issued, negotiated with the federal government to get acreage back to the reservation, and renegotiated our loan with Northern Lights Casino to a more reasonable loan rate…to name a few significant matters I worked hard to support our people on. Having worked in the business area for over 50 years, I have gained successful negotiations skills that have directly benefitted our tribe. Other important areas I would continue to work hard for is retaining our language and culture, benefits for elders, veteran’s services, youth programming, enrollment, health care, assisted living, transportation, child services, violence against women and children, education and post-secondary (including our Bug O Nay Ge Shig School and Tribal College), monitoring land leases, broadband, housing, gaming, economic development, etc.

In order to carry out the services in our programs, I would also push to support fair hiring policies. I believe in posting for positions and following the Indian Preference as outlined in our tribal policies, not issuing appointments. Also, promoting from within should always be considered.

Enough of my previous contributions, we must all remember success in a smooth tribal government is working together for the prosperity of all. Truly, I did not do all I have been involved with by myself, it took a council working together. Our nation has many needs and I would be honored to be a part of moving us forward together. There are difficult issues that are on the table that needs to be addressed and resolved before doing so; I have never been afraid to take difficult stands and feel I have the experience and track record to do so.

In closing, I will continue what I have done in the past if re-elected, which is helping take care of us all once again if given the opportunity. I would like to get back working on these issues and improve on them for all – fairly and equally. I would return to incorporating an open door policy always, as well as, returning all phone calls made to me. Any person that wants to meet in person I will make time for, no extended waits on an appointment to do so. I would work from my office and not from my phone when not in important meetings away from the office for our people. In any event, I will work hard for all positive endeavors of any kind for the members of Leech Lake Reservation. If you would like to visit in person, please give me a call at (218) 760-1570.

Your support for electing me in the important position of District III representative is greatly appreciated.


Donald “Mick” Finn