Leech Lake Band Reminds Hunters, On-Reservation Wild Rice Beds Closed to Early Waterfowl Hunting

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CASS LAKE- The Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe Division of Resource Management issued public notice today that Manoomin (wild rice) waters within the exterior boundaries of the Leech Lake Reservation will be closed to hunters participating in the MN DNR’s early teal and goose seasons.

First enacted in 2001 and set to last up to three years, the early teal season is set to take place from September 3-7 in 2022. The traditional Manoomin harvest takes place each year beginning in late August and lasts three to four weeks depending on conditions. During peak season, manoomin harvesters actively harvest this Ojibwe food staple from sunrise to sunset in non-motorized canoes.

Following announcement of the new, experimental season in 2021, the Leech Lake Reservation Business Committee, under the advisement of the LLBO Natural Resource Advisory Committee, enacted a resolution closing all rice beds on the Leech Lake Reservation to early season hunters. That resolution remains in effect today and will continue to be enforced for the duration of the early teal season.

Leech Lake Reservation waters containing wild rice beds will open to all hunters on the State’s regular season opening date on September 24, 2022.

The public notice, Leech Lake Reservation Business Council resolution and map of affected waters is available on the Leech Lake Division of Resource Management website at https://www.llojibwe.org/drm.


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