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The Leech Lake Diabetes Program along with the Bena Local Indian Council will be hosting a two session Family Wellness Event to learn about the process of Maple Syrup production and a hands on introduction to the Sugar Bush.

Families from all districts are welcome to attend.

Session 1 will be held February 24, 2018 and Session 2 will be held March 10, 2018. Both sessions will take place at the Bena Community Center. Session 2 will require participants to arrange travel for them selves from Bena to the Sugar Bush at Sucker Bay.

Session 1- Sugar Bush Seminar

The following presenters will discuss their experiences as it relates to the foundations of the Sugar Bush:

  • Elders- Wally Humphrey & Guy Green
  • Leech Lake DRM- Levi Brown
  • Chippewa National Forest- Audrey Gustafson
  • Historical Preservationist- Jim Jones
  • Leech Lake Diabetes Program- Kara Randall

A pancake breakfast will be served.


Session 2- Introduction to the Sugar Bush

Hands on experience with tree tapping, sap collecting & boiling at the Sugar Bush.

A feast to give thanks for the sap will be provided.

2:00PM- Meet at Bena Community Center and caravan to the Sucker Bay Sugar Bush

4:00PM- Return to Bena Community Center for feast

Contact Bonita Desjarlais, 218-665-3037 or Angie Nason, 218-335-4511

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