MN Tribal Youth Gathering to be held July 27

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All Native American youth, ages 14-24, are invited to participate in this first-ever state gathering focused on public leadership development.

*** Youth Are Encouraged To Complete the Gen-I Challenge By June 30 Before Attending Gathering on July 27***

The Minnesota Tribal Youth Gathering is designed to empower Native American youth by helping them develop the tools necessary to be effective advocates for themselves and their communities. Participants will have the opportunity to share their stories and work together with state leaders to create a brighter future for their generation and generations to come.

Fri, July 27, 2018
8:00 AM – 4:30 PM CDT
University of Minnesota Continuing
Education and Conference Center
1890 Buford Avenue
St. Paul, MN 55108


Morning Session (The Gen-I Challenge, Giving & Sharing Resources)

7:45 — 8:30 am Registration (light breakfast will be served)

8:30 — 9:30 am Opening Ceremony, Remarks by Governor Dayton

9:30-10:00 am Community Connecting

10:00 —11:00 am Session 1: Keynote Speaker TBA

Hear from a nationally recognized speaker on giving and sharing, over-coming adversity, how they found success, and giving back to community.

11:00 —11:15 am Community Connecting

11:15 — 12:15 pm Session 2: Gen I Panel

Hear from 4 native youth who have completed the Gen-I Challenge and made a difference in their community.

12:15 —1:00 pm Lunch and Community Connecting

Afternoon Session (Building Leadership Skills & Creating Community)

1:00 — 1:30 pm Session 3: Cultural Performance

1:30 — 1:45 pm Break and Transition to Break Out Sessions

1:45 — 2:30 pm Break Out Session #1

Attendees can choose from one of 5 breakout discussions and dialogue with experts on the following issues:

  • Culture & Language Revitalization
  • Health
  • Education
  • History, Self-sufficiency & Sovereignty
  • Youth Engagement & Public Leadership Development

2:30 — 2:45 pm Break and Transition to Break Out Session 2

2:45 — 3:30 pm Break-out Session 2 (Same options as Break Out Session 1)

  • Culture & Language Revitalization
  • Health
  • Education
  • History, Self-sufficiency & Sovereignty
  • Youth Engagement & Public Leadership Development

3:30 — 4:00 pm Community Connecting

4:00 — 4:45 pm Closing Ceremony

To attend the Tribal Youth Gathering, Native American youth must first register for the Gen-I Challenge:

1) Register for the Gen-I Challenge by June 30 and then Attend 2018 Minnesota Tribal Youth Gathering
Native American youth ages 14-24 who plan to attend the Minnesota Tribal Youth Gathering must register by June 30 to complete the Generation Indigenous (Gen-I) Challenge this summer. The Gen-I Challenge is a pledge from Native American youth to make a positive difference in their communities. All participants must be registered for the Gen-I Challenge to attend the Minnesota Tribal Youth Gathering, completion of the Gen-I Challenge by June 30 is highly encouraged but not required. Participants that do not complete the Gen-I Challenge ahead of the Minnesota Tribal Youth Gathering must bring their idea/project for the Gen-I Challenge to the Gathering.

COMPLETE THE GEN-I CHALLENGE – Fill out the form above to tell us what issues you want to address and how you plan to tackle them.* Taking the Challenge makes you part of the Gen-I National Native Youth Network administered by the Center for Native American Youth. Becoming an Ambassador makes you eligible for exclusive leadership opportunities beyond the Tribal Youth Gathering.

  • *On the Gen-I Challenge Form, select option C and use invitation code “MTYG” to apply for the event.

ACT – Within 30 days of taking the challenge, youth should work with other youth in their community or at their school to do something positive (for example, completing a volunteer project with a local organization or charity, hosting a meeting with other youth to brainstorm how to address an issue of concern in their community, or mentoring a younger person). Youth can use resources from CNAY, the Gen-I National Native Youth Network, and other Gen-I partners to help achieve their goal. Their local tribal youth councils, urban tribal youth groups, or other Native youth organizations can also be helpful resources.

CAPTURE –Youth should document their Gen-I efforts on the Challenge form, through a short summary. If you’ve already been part of positive change in your community, you may use that activity to take the Challenge, and share photos or videos of you in action. If you have an idea but haven’t made progress yet, start by submitting a photo of yourself along with a summary of your idea, or perhaps a video describing your plans. If you have questions or need inspiration, email [email protected].

SHARE – Youth should share their stories online using #MTYGand #IAmGenI, tagging @genindigenous on Facebook, Instagram, and/or Twitter.


GROUP REGISTRATION: Attend the Minnesota Tribal Youth Gathering with your peers! If you are planning to organize a delegation of youth to attend the Gathering, each participant must complete the registration process. Please contact Cynthia Zapata (651) 201- 3428 with your group’s travel plans.

ACCESSIBILITY ACCOMODATIONS: If you require any accessibility accommodations, please contact Madelyn Nelson at (651) 201-3430. Requests should be made as soon as possible but at least by July 20.

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