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CASS LAKE-We’re less than two weeks out from the November 8, 2022 midterm election and our Native vote can make a huge impact on the types of legislation we see over the next four years. 

Important and impactful positions are up for grabs in Minnesota this election including: the governor, all statewide constitutional offices, along with each of Minnesota’s U.S. House seats and all 201 members of the Minnesota Legislature.  

New to this election includes the redistricting of Minnesota District 2B, which now falls directly under the voting influence of Leech Lake, White Earth, and Red Lake.  This means our votes are even more influential this election. 

Community members who reside outside of the Reservation, can visit the official state website to find an example ballot alongside candidate platforms, polling locations and candidate websites.  

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Candidate Info Section

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Governor of Minnesota 

Tim Walz (Incumbent)

  • Political Party: DFL
  • Lives in: St. Paul
  • Running Mate: Peggy Flanagan (White Earth Nation)
  • Key Issues: Education: Support for teachers/Equal Opportunity, Public Safety: police reform, accountability for officers and increased public safety Abortion Rights: pro-choice, Environment: combating climate change  
Scott Jensen 

  • Political Party: Republican 
  • Lives in: Chaska 
  • Running Mate: Matt Birk 
  • Key Issues: Education: School reform: focus on raising student achievement, Public Safety: Harsher enforcement of laws, increased patrolling/calling of National Guard and State Patrol, Abortion Rights: pro-life, Environment: supports mining   
Steve Patterson 

  • Political Party: Grassroots-Legalize Cannabis 
  • Lives in: Austin 
  • Running Mate: Matt Huff  
James McCaskel 

  • Political Party: Legal Marijuana Now 
  • Lives in: Minneapolis 
  • Running Mate: David Sandbeck 
Hugh McTavish 

  • Political Party: Independence-Alliance 
  •  Lives in: Pine Springs 
  •  Running Mate : Mike Winter 
Gabrielle M. Prosser 
  • Political Party: Socialist Workers 
  • Lives in: Minneapolis 
  • Running Mate: Kevin A. Dwire  

Attorney General 

Keith Ellison (Incumbent)

  • Political Party: DFL
  • Lives in: Minneapolis
  • Key Issues: cracking down on opioid epidemic, protecting access to health care, reducing deadly force incidents by law enforcement 
Jim Schultz 

  • Political Party: Republican 
  • Lives in: Plymouth 
  • Key Issues: Increasing funding for Police departments, protection of small businesses from big corporations, pro-gun 

Secretary of State 

Steve Simon (Incumbent) 

  • Political Party: DFL 
  • Lives in: Hopkins 
  • Key issues: Protection for Domestic violence survivors, equal voting rights 
Kim Crockett 

  • Political Party: Republican 
  • Lives in: Excelsior 
  • Key Issues: Strengthen voting requirements, dismissal of absentee ballots, reduce electronic programs used in voting systems  

State Auditor 

Julie Blaha (Incumbent)

  • Political Party: DFL
  • Lives in: Ramsey
  • Key Issues: providing support/information on Government spending, pro-cannabis legalization, pro-choice, protecting access to health care, combating climate change, combating racial disparities,  
Ryan Wilson

  • Political Party: Republican
  • Lives in: Maple Grove
  • Key Issues: investigation into covid-spending, bi-partisan auditing  
Will Finn
  • Political Party: Grassroots Legalize Cannabis
  • Legal Marijuana Now 
Tim Davis

  • Political Party: Legal Marijuana Now 

U.S. House of Representatives Congressional District 8 

Pete Stauber (Incumbent) 

  • Political Party: Republican 
  • Lives in: Duluth 
  • Key issues: border control, increase police funding, support of keystone pipeline and oil, pro-life. 
Jen Schultz

  • Political Party: DFL
  • Lives in: Duluth
  • Key Issues: healthcare for all, increasing minimum wage, addressing student loan debt, pro-choice, equal right to vote, combating climate change, affordable housing 

State Senate District 2 (Map)  

Steve Green

  • Political Party: Republican
  • Lives in: Fosston
  • Key Issues: increase law enforcement budget and numbers, revamp MN education system, reducing taxes
Leonard Alan Roy (White Earth Nation)

  • Political Party: DFL
  • Lives in: Mahnomen
  • Key issues: combating climate change, protecting small business, support for MN farmers,  Equal healthcare for all 

State Representative District 2B (Map)

Matt Bliss (Incumbent) 

  • Political Party: Republican
  • Lives in: Pennington
  • Key Issues: reduce costs for healthcare, increase spending for education, improving infrastructure, increased funding for police,  
Erika Bailey-Johnson (Red Lake Nation)  

  • Political Party: DFL
  • Lives in: Bemidji
  • Key Issues: Combating climate change, supporting small businesses, education reform, equal healthcare for all, affordable housing, ranked choice voting. 

Local Sheriff Elections- Cass County

Bryan Welk

Chris Thompson

Local Sheriff Elections- Beltrami County 

Jason Riggs

Jarrett Walton

Local Sheriff Elections- Itasca County

Jeff Carlson

Joe Dasovich



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