Leech Lake Tribal Council Certifies Candidates for 2018 Election

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CASS LAKE, MN- Candidates for the 2018 elections were certified by the Leech Lake Reservation Tribal Council (LLRTC) at a special meeting held this morning at the Palace Casino Bingo Hall in Cass Lake, MN. All of the candidates who filed for office were certified.

Pursuant to the updated Election Ordinance, a random drawing was held to determine the order candidates will be listed on the ballot.

Read our previous article regarding the Election Ordinance changes.

According to the MCT Election Calendar for 2017-2018, the LLBO Tribal Council will submit the Notice of Certifications to the Tribal Executive Committee before February 9, 2018.

Any person who has filed a complete Notice of Candidacy can challenge the decision of the LLRTC by filing the appropriate documentation with the Executive Director of the MN Chippewa Tribe. The MCT Tribal Election Court of Appeals will then convene and issue a decision on the certification or non-certification on February 15, 2018 or within 48 hours of the appeal. Election Ordinace 1.3(C)(6)

Following resolution of any challenges and appeals, the MN Chippewa Tribe will issue the official Primary Election Notice on February 20, 2018.

These are the candidates and the order they will be listed on the ballot.

Update: The candidate list and ballot order have been confirmed and released by the LL Election Board as of 2:50PM on January, 30, 2018. See scanned document at the end of this article or visit this link.

District I

  1. Calvin Goggleye
  2. Kyle Fairbanks
  3. Burton “Luke” Wilson
  4. Rose Robinson
  5. Robbie Howe

District II

  1. Janice Dahmen
  2. Steve White (Incumbent)


  1. Donald “Mick” Finn, Sr.
  2. Arthur “Archie” LaRose (Incumbent)
  3. Arlund Wakefield
  4. Stephen “Steven” Howard

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